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Enjoy the body of your dreams, with Dr. Markelov and the incredible team here at Elevé Plastic Surgery in Wausau. From body contouring to breast augmentation and beyond, we're here with the procedures you've been dreaming of.

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An Introduction to Elevé Plastic Surgery in Wausau, WI
Dr. Alexey Markelov Performing Plastic Surgery at Wausau office

Plastic Surgery

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Uniting you with the results you know you deserve.

"I highly recommend Dr. Markelov. He did an excellent job on breast reconstruction after my mastectomy."


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Plastic Surgery in Wausau


Enjoy the bust of your dreams. Dr. Markelov and his team have extensive experience with breast augmentation, reconstruction, and more, and are ready to help you enjoy the bust you've always wanted.


Sculpt and shape, tighten and tone, so you can enjoy the perfect figure, even in those stubborn problem areas.


Make the greatest first impression ever, with a refreshed and rejuvenated facial appearance thanks to our numerous facial treatments. Take years off the clock and put your very best face forward.

Plastic Surgery in Wausau by Eleve + Skin Care Plastic Surgery in Wausau by Eleve + Skin Care Plastic Surgery in Wausau by Eleve + Skin Care Plastic Surgery in Wausau by Eleve + Skin Care
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"I would highly recommend Dr. Markelov and his team! My experience has been wonderful."

Ashley S.

Dr. Alexey Markelov

With his commitment to aesthetically-oriented results and the most modern surgical techniques available, it's no surprise that Wausau plastic surgeon, Dr. Markelov, has earned a reputation for excellence in his field. He works closely with each and every one of his patients, and he'll take the time to get to know your unique cosmetic goals, so he can craft results that'll last you a lifetime. If you're considering plastic surgery in Stevens Point or Wausau, please reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

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Medspa Providers

Anna Wicklund

Nurse Practitioner

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Julie Kubat

Master Aesthetician

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Committed to aesthetics and excellence, in equal measure.

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Our impressive selection of minimally-invasive injectable treatments can refresh and rejuvenate your face in under an hour.


We offer a number of non-surgical tightening and body contouring treatments, each of which can help you tighten and tone your appearance on a lunchbreak.

Facial Rejuvenation

Refresh and rejuvenate the face you use to greet the world each day, with a number of treatments that can effectively restore that youthful glow.

Skincare Products

Work with our expert skincare team to develop a customized regimen that'll restore your healthy skin and leave you practically glowing.

Medspa by Eleve + Skin Care Medspa by Eleve + Skin Care Medspa by Eleve + Skin Care Medspa by Eleve + Skin Care Medspa by Eleve + Skin Care
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Living your best life involves so much more than just looking great — it also involves feeling your absolute best, which is why we're committed to aesthetics and vitality in equal measure. Work with our highly experienced team to develop a treatment plan that enables you to feel your very best and make the most out of life, no matter what.

Our Vitality program will be available in March 2020!

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Our impressive breadth of experience means there's no issue we haven't encountered. We're ready with the treatments and solutions that'll enable you to feel great and function at your highest possible capacity.

Skincare Brands

Skinmedica logo

Give your skin the treatment it deserves, with SkinMedica. These impressively advanced skincare treatments will restore your youthful glow and leave you feeling fresher than ever.

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Few brands offer the comprehensive treatment that ZO Skin Health can serve up. We'll develop a treatment plan that utilizes these impressive compounds to leave your skin looking and feeling its best.

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Give your lashes a much-needed boost with Latisse — this non-surgical treatment can help you enjoy thicker, fuller eyelashes for a youthful look that's sure to impress.

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