Shapely, Toned Legs for Life

No matter what particular body type you find yourself working with, the thighs can be a tough area to trim down completely. They don’t always respond to regular exercise and healthy eating habits, but this is where our surgical team comes in! We offer our thigh lift procedure to patients in Wausau, Stevens Point, and the nearby areas, so you can enjoy trim, toned legs every time you look in the mirror. Reach out and set up your consultation to learn more about this procedure today!

Is the Thigh Lift Right for Me?

During your preoperative consultations with our team, we’ll get to know your cosmetic goals, and help you to decide whether or not the thigh lift is the right procedure for you. If you’re in Stevens Point, Wausau, or the nearby areas, and you’re dealing with any of the following issues, you’re likely a great candidate for a thigh lift at Elevé Plastic Surgery:

  • Sagging skin
  • Loosened skin
  • Frustrating fat deposits
  • Lost “thigh gap”
  • Disproportionate thighs
  • Stubborn fat
  • Rough, uneven texture

More About the Thigh Lift Procedure

Your thigh lift will be performed under general anesthesia, and takes anywhere from about two to five hours to complete, depending on the size and extent of the treatment area. A surgeon will make an incision near the top of your leg, enabling him to perform liposuction which will remove extra pockets of fat.

Once this has been completed, he’ll next lift the muscles and skin into a tighter, more youthful position, pulling everything nice and tight before closing the incisions carefully. You’ll rest in our recovery area for a short while before returning home. We recommend having a friend on hand to help you out on the day of your surgery.

Recovering from Your Thigh Lift

Before your procedure, our team of surgeons will make sure you know exactly what to expect after your surgery, and we’ll set up follow-up appointments so we can make sure you’re healing up nicely.

Day One

On the day of your surgery, you’ll be driven home where you’ll rest for the first three days or so. You’ll be very tired for the first week following your surgery.

Week One

For seven to ten days after your procedure, you’ll need to minimize your physical activity as much as possible, resting and relaxing with your upper body elevated.

Month One

Swelling and bruising will start to subside after about one month, with your final results setting in over the course of the next few months.

If you’re feeling frustrated by the state of your thighs and you’re in Wausau, Stevens Point, or the nearby areas, we want to hear from you! A thigh lift with our team of surgeons can leave you with toned and shapely thighs that you’ve been dreaming of. With his years of experience and commitment to naturalistic results, our team has been uniting patients with the results of their dreams for years. Reach out and set up your consultation to learn more about what this procedure can do for you!

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