The Supple, Shapely Bust of Your Dreams

Certain life events can negatively impact the size of a woman’s bust, while others can cause the breasts to droop or sag, losing their youthful position and appearance. Sometimes, both of these can happen at once, which is why we offer the combination of a breast lift and breast augmentation, in one procedure. If you’re in Wausau, Stevens Point, or the nearby areas, reach out and set up your consultation to learn more about this procedure today!

Is The Breast Aug + Lift Right for Me?

During your consultation, we’ll help you determine exactly which procedure is the best for you, when it comes to uniting you with your ideal cosmetic outcome. We have a number of breast surgeries available here at Elevé, and we’ll work together to figure out exactly which procedure will best suit your goals.

You’re likely a great candidate for this procedure if you’re in Wausau, Stevens Point, or the nearby areas, and you’re dealing with:

  • Breasts that sag or droop
  • Decreased volume
  • Downward-pointing nipples
  • Displaced nipples

More About the Procedure Itself

The details of a breast augmentation and lift will vary from patient to patient, given the specifics of your body type, your goals for the surgery, and so forth. During your preoperative consultations, you’ll work with our surgeons to lay out the details of your procedure. Before the actual surgery itself, we will walk you through everything you need to know. Together, you’ll be able to decide on the specifics of your procedure, addressing issues such as:

  • Lifting and repositioning the breast
  • Nipple size adjustment
  • Repositioning of the nipples or areolas
  • Augmentation options
  • Implant type
  • Implant placement and size
  • Incision placement

Recovering from Your Breast Surgery

Your recovery time will vary slightly, depending on the specifics of your surgery, but for the most part your experience should be relatively mild. You’ll experience some soreness and swelling immediately after your procedure, and we’ll make sure you have a comfy compression bra to help ensure that the swelling goes down properly.

You’ll need to avoid strenuous activities for a month or so, following your procedure, but otherwise you’ll be able to return to a relaxed version of your daily routine within a week or so of the surgery itself. We’ll set up a series of follow-up appointments, to ensure that you’re healing up properly after your surgery.


Breast Augmentation with Lift: 10,000+

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