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Overly large breasts can pose any number of issues, and they don’t always limit themselves to the cosmetic. While it can be frustrating to have trouble fitting into the clothes you wish you could easily wear, it can be even worse to deal with back issues that result from your breasts placing an unnecessary strain on the muscles of your upper body. Fortunately, our team of surgeons offers the breast reduction surgery, which can reduce your bust size so that it’s more proportionate to your body, and enables you to live your life to the absolute fullest. Reach out and set up your consultation to learn more about what this procedure can do for you today!

Is Breast Reduction Right for Me?

Breast reduction is recommended for you if you’re at the point where your excessively large breasts have become an impediment to your daily life. Your body, in other words, should not be an obstacle...but if it is, we can help!

Overly large breasts can be emotionally stressful as well as physically painful, taking their toll not only potentially on your back muscles, but on your self esteem and quality of life, as well.

We recommend setting up a consultation with our team to learn more about breast reduction and decide whether or not you think this is the right procedure for you.

Your Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast reduction is almost never the same from patient to patient. During your preoperative consultations, you’ll work together with our surgical team to determine the specifics of your surgery. You’ll pick out details like incision type and placement, the specific technique for your reduction, and the degree of reduction that you wish to have performed.

These details will understandably impact the length of your procedure, which our team of surgeons will discuss in detail with you before the actual date of your surgery. Your procedure will be performed under general anesthesia, but you’ll be able to go home the very same day, where you’ll rest and recover in the comfort of your preferred surroundings.

Breast reduction typically involves the removal of excess fat and tissue, the specific technique for which will be discussed with you in detail before your procedure. Once the surgery is over, our surgeons will carefully close any incisions, and you’ll rest in our recovery area, before returning home with a comfy compression bra to help minimize swelling.

Your Recovery Period

Recovery from a breast reduction is fairly straightforward, and you’ll notice a decrease in your bust size immediately. You’ll need to wear a sports bra to keep your breasts in place as you heal, during which time some mild tenderness and bruising will be completely normal. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable, and we’ll set up a series of follow-up appointments to ensure that you’re healing up properly. You can expect to return to your daily life within a few weeks of your surgery.

If you think that breast reduction surgery is the right choice for you, we want to hear from you! We’re here for patients in the Wausau and Stevens Point areas who are sick and tired of their overly large bust standing in the way of their full quality of life! If you think you might benefit from breast reduction surgery, we encourage you to reach out and set up your consultation today.


Breast Reduction: 9,500+ Sometimes Covered by Insurance

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