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Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin are frequently among the earliest indications that the aging process has begun to show itself in the facial area. While this is a normal part of the aging process, it can also be helped along by sun exposure, heredity, or a number of other factors. At Elevé Plastic Surgery, our facelift procedure can tighten and refresh your facial appearance, allowing you to walk back the clock and uncover a youthful and rejuvenated look. If you’re in the Stevens Point or Wausau areas, we want to hear from you — reach out and set up your consultation today!

Is a Facelift Right for Me?

We make it a point to work closely with each and every patient who comes through our doors, and we’ll be sure to help you decide whether or not a facelift is the right fit for you, or whether another procedure might be best for your goals.

You’re likely a great candidate for a facelift if you’re in good health, your skin has an adequate degree of laxity and volume, and you’re dealing with:

  • Forehead lines and wrinkles
  • Frown lines
  • Smile lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Marionette lines
  • Hollows under eyes
  • Droopy eyes

Preparing for Your Facelift Procedure

When it comes to plastic surgery, there’s no such thing as a standard approach. Each patient is different, bringing to us not only a specialized set of cosmetic goals and aesthetic concerns, but a highly unique body type, as well. Taking all of this into consideration is how we’ll design the treatment plan that brings you in line with your goals.

Before your surgery actually takes place, you’ll have at least two in-person consultations with Dr. Alexey, enabling you to be sure that you’re both on the same page about your procedure. You’ll be able to ask any questions, and thoroughly prepare for both the procedure and the recovery process, so you can feel totally safe and completely comfortable.

More Info About the Procedure Itself

One of the things that sets our surgical team apart is their impressive amount of experience with procedures like the facelift, enabling them to draw from a number of surgical techniques and giving them the ability to customize the procedure to your personal cosmetic goals and unique facial structure.

While some patients are fine with a sedative and local anesthesia, some prefer general anesthesia for their total comfort. This procedure generally involves an incision made just above the hairline, enabling it to be easily hidden. They then will trim or remove extra fat, while tightening muscles before re-draping the skin and closing it tightly with sutures.

In most cases, a facelift takes between two to four hours, but this can vary depending on factors like the size and scope of the treatment area, or whether or not you’re combining your facelift with any other complementary procedures. Before the day of your surgery, our surgeons will walk you through everything you need to know.

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Recovering from Your Facelift Procedure

While the recovery process following a facelift is generally quite mild, you will experience some numbness and tingling for a few weeks or months after your surgery. You’ll need to keep your head elevated as you recover, to keep the swelling manageable, with bandages coming off around five days after your procedure. Strenuous activity will need to be avoided for at least two weeks, and our team will be sure to provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, in addition to scheduling a series of follow-up appointments that will allow him to check in with you and verify that the healing process is moving along nicely.

Your Facelift Results

While you might not be able to notice your facelift results the very moment you leave our facility, it won’t be long before you’re able to notice a more youthful version of yourself, especially as the swelling subsides and your facial structure returns to normal. Take a look at a rough timeline for recovering from a facelift:

  • Two Days: Rest and elevation, to keep swelling down.
  • Two to Five Days: Your compression bandages can come off.
  • Two Weeks: Limit strenuous activity, avoid exertion.
  • Three to Four Weeks: Swelling and puffiness should subside completely.
  • One Month: Tingling and numbness should fade, final results now visible.
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The Elevé Plastic Surgery Difference

When it comes to the work we do here at Elevé Plastic Surgery, we employ a uniquely artistic approach to our work, personalizing our procedures to your preferences and physical qualities, so we can ensure your ability to enjoy the results you know you deserve.

During your in-person consultations, we’ll walk you through all your options, help you to pick out the procedures that are perfect for you and your goals, and ensure that you feel as safe, comfortable, and informed as possible. Reach out and set up your consultation, to learn more about what we can do for you!

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If you’ve been longing for an effective way to turn back the clock our facelift procedure might be perfect for you. If you’re in the Wausau or Stevens Point areas, reach out and set up a consultation with our double board-certified surgeon, and learn more about how we can help you enjoy the youthful and rejuvenated look you’ve been dreaming of.



Tightens and refreshes a patient’s facial appearance, addressing forehead lines and wrinkles, frown lines, smile lines, crow’s feet, marionette lines, hollows under eyes, and droopy eyes.

Cost: $11,000+

Face/Neck Lift

Designed to restore the youthful contours of the face and address a sagging neck and jawline. Includes tightening of the facial and neck muscles, facia, as well as the lifting and removal of any excess skin.

Cost: $12,500+

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