Detailed, Personalized Evaluation

Our patients undergo an extensive physiological testing process, which helps us to get an overview of your general state of health, and enables us to develop highly customized treatment plans that enable you to maximize your well-being.

Blood work helps us to analyze lipids, thyroid and risk for cardiovascular disease.

Body Composition Testing

SOZO body composition testing enable us to adequately assess fat, muscle, and hydration status.

Exercise Testing

VO2 max/target heart rate assessment-determines where your target heart rate is for burning fat as well as your overall fitness level.

Resting Metabolic Test

We will assess your metabolism as well as see how your body is metabolizing fat or carbohydrates for fuel.

Mobility/Posture Assessment

A professional evaluation and report will be developed.

All of this data will aid in the creation of a comprehensive personalized report and treatment plan to meet your specific health goals. This treatment plan and report will be reviewed with a multi-specialty physician advisory board and will be adjusted according to their professional recommendations.  Your personal health coach and advisory board will continually assess/test and modify your treatment plan to continue to optimize your health along the way.  

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